Casale Pundarika-Riparbella (PI)-Tuscany-Italy

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This was by far the most enjoyable airbnb experience we've ever had! Casale Pundarika is like a small piece of heaven set amidst the peaceful Tuscan hills and forests. There is so much to do around the house (hot tub, forest hammocks, spending time with the pets, yoga) that you're almost going to enjoy it more than the tourist attractions of Tuscany. Nevertheless, the beaches, medieval towns and snorkeling spots are all within easy reach by car. Daniela and Giambattista are very friendly, accommodating people and it was great to share dinner and meditation with them 🙂 We thoroughly recommend their place and look forward to returning with other friends and family!
Thank you so much for being the best hosts! The meditation and dinner were so amazing, thank you for allowing us to take part 🙂

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Luxembourg, September 2017

“What a magical place! Once a buddhist retreat, Casale Pundarika still has the rich character of its former occupants in the authentic artwork and artifacts hidden throughout the property. Our upstairs room was comfortable and private, with a large bathroom and a small but well-equipped kitchen, but the real gems are the other parts of the facilities. Amazing views, yoga room and sunrise yoga platform, hot tub, hiking trails, and musical instruments are just part of the offerings. Daniela and Giambi were the kindest hosts we could ask for. They have onsite massage available, and they allowed us to borrow their massage table one morning - something we have at home but have dearly missed while traveling. I couldn't recommend Casale Pundarika more highly, and we will certainly stay there again if we have the opportunity.”

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Kristina and Robert
USA, April 2019

We had a great time and were happy to find this not so touristic and relaxed place within this mostly overcrowded part of Tuscany. The road towards the house can be described as a challange but the reward is worth the uphill trip. Daniela and Giambattista are friendly, polite an interesting hosts who provide you with plenty of interesting information. We had a great time and miss Peggy!

Germany, July 2016

“Connection with self and nature. Daniela and Giamba have nurtured this property with such intention and it feels as if you step into another world when you arrive. The universe aligned in such an amazing way for me to be able to visit Pundarika and my experience was more than I imagined going in. When I arrived I took a silent hike around the property which probably lasted 45 minutes. The land holds an unbelievable silence that makes space for self reflection and although I didn't use them during my short visit, their forest meditation area and new yoga pavilion are so serene. The pavilion is large enough for a group but also nooked intimately away on the mountainside for someone to have plenty of space for an individual practice. I was able to grab time with Daniela for a Lomi Lomi massage which was incredibly relaxing and the hot tub was hot and ready as soon as I arrived. The views of the mountains during the day and stars at night from the hot tub were perfect. The room was super clean, had a REALLY comfortable bed, and they had everything you would need for some light cooking as well as making coffee and tea in the morning. They happened to be offering a yoga class that I joined in for my second day and I met some other visitors who were there offering individual rebirthing and human design sessions which I was able to partake in. It was an unbelievably profound experience for a weekend and I will no doubt be returning as soon as possible.”

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USA, March 2019

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