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Shamanic Journey in Tuscany with “Little Grandmother” Kiesha Crowther. 5-7 April 2019

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Shamanic Journey in Tuscany with “Little Grandmother” Kiesha Crowther. 5-7 April 2019

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, I want to personally invite you to the upcoming Shamanic Journey in Tuscany !!

The Elders have asked us to go deeper and begin healing ourselves and our Mother Earth. You are now ready to step into the profound healing and growth that a more intense shamanic journey can offer. Please Join me!

I would like to invite you to a shamanic two-day journey in a wonderful place in Italy. It will be a small group. This will give me a deep focus on each participant and accompany them on their own personal journey in a safe and cared for way. The venue is very remote, we will have all of the Mothers elements around us to support and teach us throughout the entire process. We will find peace and silence to reach deep meditative states with the traditional shamanic drumming, to face our deepest fears and learn how they can be changed into something powerful in our lives. We will also be learning how to trust again and how to become even more empowered and focussed on the lives we wish to lead as well as letting go of old patterns and wounds so that the path to the higher levels will be clarified.

This intensive shamanic Journey is a very individual journey, where you can let go of many things and get in contact with your own higher destiny. I will accompany you all the way. We will be working with:

– Working on reaching a very deep meditational state in order to face your deepest fears and transform them.
– Working with the drum medicine
– Learning how to trust Mother Earth
– Healing old wounds and patterns to empowering one’s self
– Working with the spirits of the land and nature
– Fire, Earth and Water ceremonies in nature
– Better understanding of your life purpose
– Deeper understanding of sacred ceremony
– Working on trust and being able to ask for help
– Learning more about your animal totem, color and number


Please ask yourself “why do I want to go on a personal, shamanic journey?”, What fears are holding you back? What do you want to learn from Mother Earth? You must have a reason to do so. Find out your own motivation. For when the time has come to let go of thinking and enter into the spirit world, your higher self will lead you to the corresponding answers.

Traditionally, before the Shaman’s journey, a fasting time of 24 hours would be maintained to clean the mind and body. However, I do not recommend to fast on the day of the Shaman’s journey, but one day before the trip to the venue. During the fasting period, you should pray and meditate so that the deeper connection with the forthcoming Shaman journey can arise. If you can not fast, take your time for rest the day before the Shaman’s journey. Connect with your higher self and the intent that you connect with this journey.

Please bring the following items (if you have them):
♦ A drum or rattle
♦ Warm clothes that you can wear
♦ Clothes that can get wet
♦ Slippers
♦ A diary
♦ A flashlight and a water bottle
♦ White clothes (worn after the water ceremony)
♦ A crystal (or quartz)
♦ Items that are sacred to you if you wish to have them with you during the Journey

In love,
Little Grandmother

Little Grandmother – Kiesha Crowther

Little Grandmother is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, a Shaman, Wisdom Keeper and the gatherer of the Tribe of Many Colors. She is the Author of the book: “Message for the Tribe of Many Colors,” published in 13 different languages around the world. Little Grandmother’s mission is to help re-ignite a deep remembrance in humanity of their own great potential and their personal relationships to Mother Earth. She has met with and learned from several different indigenous Chiefs, Elders, Leaders, Grandmothers and Grandfathers from all corners of the globe in order to share their messages to the people in hopes to restore and generate their remembrance of the Sacred. Her talks are freely available on the web and on YouTube and have been viewed by millions of people all over the world. You can follow her work and her many travels, ceremonies and events on her Facebook page Little Grandmother Kiesha as well as on her website: You can purchase her books at

Contact her at

Event starting: 5th of April 2019 in the evening- introduction and getting to know each other
Saturday 6th of April, all day Workshop
Sunday Workshop until 4pm

Price: €399,- for the whole weekend for the seminar

Please contact us for accommodation, which will be in one of our seven apartments in shared option with 3 to 4 participants. The price includes all meals according to the diet recommended by Kiesha during the weekend.
Dorm (max.4 people per apartment, max. 2 people per bedroom): €65/ person/ day
Double use: €80person/ day (depending on number of participants, there might be a limited possibility of using an apartment privately as couple or for 2 friends.)

It is possible to stay longer than just the weekend.

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